Building Brand Loyalty

Building brand loyalty for a grab-and-go fresh food selection is a tough task. Most people hardly look at the label, they're only eating it because it's there and they're hungry and in a hurry. However, there are ways to combat this drive-by mindset and create a lasting impression that brings customers back for more, even when they're not nearby. Here are ten basic tips that will help you create a loyal customer base: 

1) Exploit Company Values 
Customers want to know what their purchase does for the company, how the company views them and the community overall. Let them know you care and that you're not just in it to make the largest profit you can off of their hard-earned money. 

2) Provide Memorably Outstanding Customer Service
Hire the right employees and develop and implement customer service standards and procedures. Train your staff to know how you want the customers treated. Spend time with your customers to know how they want to be treated. Don't just put on a smile and move on, genuinely make life easier for your customers. 

3) Be Transparent At All Times
Let people know where your food comes from, how fresh it is and what allergens or health benefits are included. Make sure they know everything there is about your fresh food program and offerings, what's coming up in the next few weeks, etc. Most importantly, always admit when you've made a mistake. 

4) Create a Community
People want to know that they belong. Belonging is one of the basic human needs on Mazlow's heirarchy of needs. Create a sense of community by either having a customer of the month, a social group online or hosting events that your customers can attend to meet each other. 

5) Spread the Word
Engage your customers online and in person. Give social proof that your product is what others would want and love to return to. Social media is especially useful for this because that online interaction is seen by many others  in the local area. 

6) Exceed Expectations
Keep your quality high, don't settle on your standards and definitely don't let them taper off over time. In order to keep customers loyal, they need to see that you care about their satisfaction enough to provide the best products possible. 

7) Reward Returning Customers
Offer incentives for people who return in the form of coupons or other special offers. You could even start a loyalty program like printed or digital punch cards. Make sure your customers have as many reasons as possible to continue returning.

8) Get Customer Feedback
Sometimes getting customers to fill out sueveys is harder than pulling teeth, but if you offer an incentive like a discount or free item they are more likely to do it. Even better, listen to that feedback and implement a solution. Perhaps display the feedback with your comments and the solutions to look for publicly. 

9) Remain Reliable and Consistent
The key to loyalty is to make sure that customers always know what to expect. They need to know they can depend on you when they decide to make the trek all the way into your store for their fresh meal or snack. 

10) Stay Relevant
Keep things fresh with rotating special offers or seasonal items. Just because people like reliability and consistency does not mean that they like to be bored with their food. Give them something to look forward to each time they visit your store. 

In everything you do, just remember to stay fresh. Leave us a comment if you have more to add or questions to ask. Share this post if you think it can help someone you know. 


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