A Passion for Cause and Purpose

There are many ways to run a business. At FreshOne however, we feel there is only one way to run ours. As a trusted food partner and nationwide provider of ready-to-eat fresh food programs, what we do is entirely centered around why we do it. The belief that everyone should have access to fresh, convenient, and delicious food is where our idea for FreshOne began in 2006.

The purpose of FreshOne is to make as much as we can. Across the nation, our services provide people with fresh and delicious meal and snack options. While many perceive fresh foods to be harder to find and more expensive, FreshOne makes it possible for a wholesome meal to be safely kept within a convenient reach for customers on the go. Think of how many thousands of busy Americans are rushing into their nearest convenient stores each day and grabbing the first item they see as appetizing. There are candy bars and highly processed foods aplenty, but what about the fresh and nutritious options? It is our job to ensure that there are enough of these products available for all our partners’ customers.

Food waste is an enormous issue in our country. In our homes, restaurants, convenient stores, and farms, we throw out 30-40% of our food supply every single year, according to the USDA. In 2010, at retail and consumer levels, an estimated 133 billion pounds of food was thrown out which totaled roughly $162 billion. FreshOne’s cause is to fulfill our purpose of making as much as we can with as little as we can. This helps our company create less waste in our kitchens, and educates our staff and partners on the importance of only using what we need. Through our custom solutions, FreshOne can help create the perfect ordering plan and deliver the right number of products to your door. With your ideal product mic, a carefully planned pricing strategy, and rollout timeline, our team will put together a plan to help drive sales while being sure to not waste spending on excess items.

Achieving our goals and sticking to our purpose and cause stems from FreshOne’s true passion. This passion is to impact as many as we can. Everyone, no matter income, location, or dietary restrictions, should have the ability to grab a meal or snack that not only fits into their busy lifestyle, but nourishes their body and provides sustenance rather than simply filling them up. When we walk into a convenient store or retail area looking for a snack, sometimes our hunger gets the best of us. We make regretful decisions on snacks that really do nothing for us other than satisfy that hunger. The benefits of eating right are endless. Those are benefits everyone should be able to access. This is why we strive to reach clients throughout the United States and consistently look for ways to improve our outreach beyond where we are today.

The entire FreshOne team is incredibly passionate about results. Not just results for the company, but for our clients and their customers. When people take a bite of a FreshOne product, we want them to taste the freshness and feel good about the snacking choice they’ve made. From our sales professionals to our talented chefs, we at FreshOne are all relationship driven and work tirelessly to build new partnerships and keep our clients happy with business strategies we developed specifically for them.

Since FreshOne was founded in 2006, we have kept our entrepreneurial spirit alive and well. Through our success in the past eleven years, we are always aware that there is room for improvement. We are committed to growth, organization, our purpose, our cause, and our passion. The vision of FreshOne is “To be the premier company that meets and exceeds the demands of today’s lifestyles by providing fresh, convenient, innovative and healthy food products to multi-location retailers nationally while adhering to our core values.” It is out of our duty to our partners that each year, we keep sight of this vision and stick to our company values.

By making as much as we can, we are excited to be fulfilling our purpose and offering many tasty, fresh options for all. Working with as little as we can, using only what we need, we help in our cause to cut back on the drastic amount of food wasted each year in our country. With clients nationwide, and goals to continuously grow, it is our passion to continuously spread our outreach to more and more people.

Next time you grab a quick bite, remember the FreshOne mission. Together, we can provide fresh food to all and satisfy hunger with nutritious ingredients that are of the highest quality and safely made available on-the-go.