5 Food Sampling Techniques Your Store Should Be Using

There are two things that are always true: people love eating and free food always tastes best.

So when grocery stores offer food sampling, it’s basically a match made in heaven.

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who turns down a bite of delicious spinach dip, a mini beef slider, and some local tiramisu. That’s because people love the experience of picking up a little snack and trying something completely new with no strings attached.

In a surprising turn of events, one major trend has changed to indicate that more and more people are placing value on eating and being together.

It turns out that teenagers are less likely to be caught hanging out in malls these days. Instead, you can find them eating together at restaurants and having a great time over some great food.

FreshOne is a company passionate about providing ready-to-eat fresh foods to markets so that communities can feed their families healthy food.

We’re on a mission and we are making sure to stick to our values of being growth-oriented and passionate for getting our products out on shelves and on dinner tables.

Changing the way community members view food is part of our goal. Us at FreshOne want you to be up-to-date with the freshest food in order to promote a healthy lifestyle.

We even keep up a blog that’s full of great info to help you on your fresh food journey!

For this blog, we wanted to put together a helpful guide of 5 food sampling techniques your store should be using to get more sales and more happy customers!

Are food samples the key to success?

We think so!

And many other companies and studies agree. The Atlantic wrote a piece about the psychology of food sampling and it turns out that people who sampled food were much more likely to end up buying that product.

Imagine yourself as the buyer and a sample of the new vegan food you were interested in is being handed out. Sometimes products that are a little pricey can be intimidating to just try out, so a sample can help you convert these customers into people who are all for this new product.

If you want to introduce a new product, popularize an item, or clear out something from your shelves, samples could be the key to this type of success. Customers will crave this new food and feel like they’re a part of the culture of your store!

Sampling out fresh foods and the different ways they can be served should be part of the plan for any grocery store specializing in health and fresh foods.

5 food sampling techniques you should be using

Now that we know that sampling food can draw in customers and get more product sold, FreshOne wants to help you get this process going.

We’ve put together our top 5 food sampling techniques that should be in your store ASAP.

Set schedules

Humans are creatures of habit and nothing helps more than getting a schedule set up.

If you want to take your food sampling to the next level and get even more people in on the experience, you’ll want to come up with a day or time that will work for the most people.

You can look at your sales data and find out which days and times are the busiest. Perhaps Sunday morning is the busiest time of the entire week for your store.

In that case, you’ll want to target that time and create something new to put on the schedule. “Sunday morning samples” becoming a regular part of that day could be the key to seeing your sales grow even more.


In case the usual run of sampling needs to be spiced up a little bit, you will want to consider different themes.

During those set days you have for sampling, you can come up with various themes. Perhaps one sample day is dedicated to desserts. Or if you have an evening sampling event, creating a “breakfast for dinner” theme could give you the leg up on showcasing even more items.

Around the holidays, themes can be easy to come up with! Stores can also take this opportunity to ask customers for their “fan favorite” item that’s a must during a specific holiday or season.

To get the whole family involved, kids can submit art to be displayed around the store during the sampling festivities!

Advertisements on social media

Marketing is a huge part of any business being successful, and getting attendance levels up can be as simple as using your company’s social media.

Having a healthy presence on your company page and interacting with your customers through the platform can let you give them information about new events, themes, or items that will be showcased that particular week!

You can even choose to sample items you’d like to have on sale – plus, all of this info would be a great addition to a social media post.

Get the companies involved

If you are giving out samples for a specific company that your store is associated with, get the company involved!

Networking is all about reaching out to others for help and demonstrations. In turn, your store or company may be asked to come to their events to get your name out as well.

The company may have their own recommendations for cooking that your customers can benefit from, and it’s always an event having a company come out with their signage and personnel to greet your customers.

Recipe testing

As a store owner, it’s important for your customers to understand the value of the items you sell.

By testing out different recipes, you could showcase the versatility of the item so that it can be a part of breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

With your social media platform, contents can also be held with your followers about a recipe they want to see tested out and sampled for them to try. The options are endless!

Have you tried food sampling in your store before? How did it go?