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The fresh “heat & eat” phenomenon is here to stay and FreshOne delivers it with a product line called FreshTake. We currently offer a variety of authentic, great-tasting single-serve meals and meals for four including Asian, Mexican, Italian, and traditional Comfort flavors. FreshTake is a restaurant-quality meal that accommodates the busiest of families.

FreshTake Offers

  1. Choice: FreshTake offers a wide selection of restaurant-quality items & sizes to create a program that meets the consumer’s needs.
  2. Profitability/Growth: Prepared ‘Heat & Eat’ meals add additional sales and revenue for deli departments without adding labor or ingredients
  3. Waste Control: FreshTake program is designed to minimize the waste impact on your bottom line with customized ordering powered by industry-leading analytics
  4. Food Safe: Meals are prepared and delivered to exceed industry safety standards and ever-changing labeling laws.

Easy to Implement



FreshTake meals are chef-prepared recipes that provide customized meals for your shopper segments & geography.

Warehouse Delivered


Orders are delivered frozen from our kitchens and can be kept up to 365 days before slacked.

5-Day Shelf-Life

5-Day Shelf-Life

Meals are “slacked and dated” at the store, and sold in the deli / prepared food area. All meals have 5 days of shelf-life (once slacked).



FreshTake has a unique tray that is both oven-safe and microwaveable. No additional pots, pans, or dishes are necessary.

FreshTake Meal-min

Final Result

Within minutes customers can serve their families, a complete restaurant quality meal for a fraction of the cost of eating out.