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Whether currently offering food in your retail location or considering expansion into this critical fresh space, our team of experts can help you. At FreshOne, we are happy to discuss and provide the strategic options available to fresh food retailers and those considering expansion into this increasingly critical market.

We specialize in developing solutions to reduce challenges like excessive shrink while also creating strategic new fresh options to promote additional incremental business opportunities. It is no easy task coordinating the interface between volatile demand and the timeliness of supply. Developing a winning fresh food strategy requires a suite of integrated components, which FreshOne can provide.

Safety & Quality

Our network consists of food safety experts in food production, assembly, USDA, FDA, manufacturing, microbiology, and processing. We keep it safe and fresh throughout the supply chain. FreshOne actively collaborates with packaging partners on solutions that extend shelf life while presenting a fresh image and taste to customers.

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Order Management

Order Management

FreshOne’s proprietary online Order Management System (OMS) was custom built to fit a diverse set of retailer needs. It provides real-time data for your store, management team and your FreshOne support team via our integrated business intelligence tools. This system was designed for freshness and predicts by delivery, your ever-changing demand rather than simply reordering what was recently sold.

After you order, we track it with iDeliver. FreshOne’s mobile delivery tracking and confirmation software provides real-time confirmation of deliveries. Temperature confirmations, totes receipts, and product volumes can be included in these detailed digital records as well.