FreshOne’s Full Service Solution

Retail customers are looking for fresh food solutions and food manufacturers, restaurants, and retailers are looking for a provider who can control the entire cold chain process and deliver profitable results. FreshOne has opened its first distribution center in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to meet these new demands. FreshOne knows food safety and can add efficiencies that will reduce the times the product changes hands before reaching the end consumer and the product’s exposure to different temperatures. FreshOne is the clear solution to the food industry’s challenge for longer shelf life and stream lined distribution needs.

With over 14 years of providing fresh food solutions, FreshOne entered the fresh food distribution business to deliver products at the right time, at the right temperature, and at the right price. FreshOne partners with our customers to provide solutions and increased profits. FreshOne customers have complete visibility into their business with a unique customer portal to see each delivery in real time. This transparency offers the FreshOne customer detailed information to communicate, report metrics, and have assurance that the key performance indicators are met.

Less Handling equals More Food Safety

In January of 2020 FreshOne opened the first of several Distribution Centers to help customers manage food products with more safety, less movement, and less touches. Don Janacek explains “When you combine a proven distribution process with a food grade distribution center you bring extra value to customers who desire more fresh products on the shelf for their customers. He adds, “we have taken out several steps in the process by adding the distribution center and offering more than just storage.”

FreshOne provides a range of boutique services to accommodate chilled and frozen storage. From picking, packing, procurement, order fulfillment and cross-docking services help our customers succeed. When the process is added to on time deliveries with FreshOne’s fleet of trucks, mistakes are reduced and profits are increased. Every partnership is unique and will help determine what metrics need to be met in order to get the job done with excellence until each customer is delighted with the FreshOne services.

Let us know how we can help you succeed.