Women’s History Month: FreshOne Celebrates Rhonda Jackson

In a 16 year old company, there is one employee who has really made her mark with 13 years of employment. Rhonda Jackson. Rhonda is the longest standing employee of FreshOne ( and is a great mentor for the Billing and Accounting departments. Rhonda is the Accounting Specialist at FreshOne.

Before FreshOne became the successful warehousing and distribution company it is today, FreshOne was preparing grab-n-go food for convenience stores around the country. Remembers those days as her most memorable moments in her career. Launching the FreshTake food line is a memory she cherishes. It was the first branded product the company developed. 

Rhonda’s core values match FreshOne’s emphasis on faith and family. This has made staying with the company all the more special and has had a tremendous impact on the decision to stay all these years. Rhonda says, “Every day, here, at FreshOne is totally different than the day before and never a dull moment.” The excitement of Food Logistics and liking the people she works with, also play major roles in why she continues to be a part of FreshOne. 

Rhonda has seen FreshOne grow from infancy to a well-oiled machine. Starting as a food supply business and transitioning to a warehousing and logistics company, Rhonda has been a part of it all. She’s a part of every account, both internal and external, at FreshOne. She invoices all customers and connects with every employee. 

“There’s no one who I can trust more for billing than Rhonda. She understands this business the most,” says Jessalynn Westgate, Customer Engineer at FreshOne. “Rhonda has always been a good help in solving payroll issues for employees, timely and efficiently,” says Leah Bucher, Customer Service Manager at FreshOne

In this ever-growing environment, Rhonda added she hopes new employees come in with an open mind, with the intention of learning new things and having new experiences. “Don’t be afraid to share innovative and creative ideas to move the company forward, and ask questions,” which are great words from Rhonda. 

Stay tuned for more employee meet-ups and FreshOne advancements.