The Summer of Color

During the summer months, many of us tend to eat lighter, cleaner foods. Heavy, hot meals just aren’t craved in the summer like they are in the winter. Grilled foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, and cool treats are what this season is all about. What about when you’re on the go and seeking a convenient snack or meal? FreshOne can make fresh choices readily available for those customers looking to cool down and take in a scrumptious bite of summer.

Part of what makes the foods of summer so special, is all the color! Fresh greens, reds, purples, orange, you name it, there’s a mouthwatering snack available in every healthy hue. So, this summer, show off attractive color in your fresh food displays that will be sure to catch the eye of hungry shoppers.

Marketing strategies are used for every type of food label. Color has a lot to do with why we choose certain snacks over others, even if we know they aren’t good for us. Have you ever noticed how much red is used in food labels, restaurant logos, and beverage branding? According to FitDay, Red has been proven to stimulate hunger, making it one of the first colors we go for when perusing food choices. At FreshOne, we believe that fresh food choices should be even more bold than other foods. Why not display fresh red berries and apples to get the customers’ appetites going?

Think of the color yellow for a moment. Yellow sunshine, yellow smiley faces, yellow flowers. The bright and warming color of yellow brings on a feeling of happiness. Yellow bananas, pineapple slices, a glimmer of yellow cheese and mustard peeking through a freshly made sandwich; these are all choices that customers can feel good about making.

When you think of fresh foods and healthy eating, the color green is typically the first to come to mind. Having plenty of green vegetables is an important part to a healthy diet. Unfortunately, there just aren’t a whole lot of green options when it comes to eating on-the-go. One of our many goals here at FreshOne is to make those options, like delicious leafy greens, more available. Now although the color green makes us think “healthy,” we don’t often choose it over other colors for a handful of reasons. So why is that?

Green vegetables admittedly aren’t full of our favorite flavors. Yet the benefits these plants provide are infinite. So how do we make green more appealing? Mixing it in with other, more tempting and hunger-inducing food colors is a great place to start. Deep green romaine or spinach on an easy to grab sandwich is a simple and delicious way to get in a daily dose of greens. With the right colors thrown in along with the greens, salads are of course another terrific snack to serve to hungry customers.

The other thing about greens, and salads, is that we don’t often think they can fill our bellies and provide a good number of calories to keep us going. With the right toppings, a salad can go from just a side item to the main course. Juicy orange wedges, blue, red, and purple berries, high-protein nuts, striking green avocado slices, crunchy carrots, and freshly grilled meats, all make perfect salad toppings to beef up those greens.

FreshOne has a meal option for everyone, and every type of customer. No matter the time of day, seeing better options upfront will entice customers to choose their next convenient snack wisely. For a super quick and easy-to-eat choice our hummus box includes smooth and savory hummus paired with fresh sticks of carrots, celery, and bell peppers. Orange, green, and red; that’s three stunning shades of summer that are sure to satisfy hunger.

Wraps, sandwiches, and salads are also on the FreshOne menu, and we offer a wide variety of choices full of colorful flavors. When needing something sweet, customers can have strawberries, melon, grapes, and other fruity picks at hand with our super simple fruit cups.

For those that can’t be sold on eating greens, why not drink them instead? Here at FreshOne, we also provide Bolthouse Farms and Del Monte beverages for when thirst comes calling. From pink to orange, green to chocolaty brown, these juice blends and smoothies are perfect on a hot summer day.

This summer, as the blue sky and yellow sun shine down upon us, take a look around and enjoy all of the other colors this wonderful season has to offer. With FreshOne, give your customers an easy choice – the choice of health. Help them choose red apples over red gummy bears, and a meaty salad over a quick cheeseburger down the road. Affordability, availability, and eye-catching color, all have a lot to do with the decisions we make when we’re hungry. Why not give your shoppers an easy choice for their health and hunger, with FreshOne?​