Benefits of 3PL Product Picking, Packing, and Repacking Services

Budgetary limitations may prevent you from quickly expanding your business to fulfill current client demands if it involves the distribution of goods and has outgrown your existing site. It’s time to contact a third-party warehousing business so you can take advantage of their product picking, packing, and repacking services.

Picking and Packing Defined

Picking and packing involve taking items from clients and packing them into a delivery box. This technique has reduced the time needed to complete each purchase by removing the necessity for repacking during shipping.

It is the chosen option for most e-commerce companies that ship small items because of its speed and simplicity. Businesses that complete larger orders may transport the products to a specific warehouse area and pack them using the proper materials and packaging.

Benefits of Product Picking, Packing, and Repacking Services

        1. Streamlined Processing Protocols

To guarantee that your items are adequately checked into the facility for packaging and repacking services, third-party warehousing offers skilled greeting procedures. Any shipping-related damage will be recorded and reported right away. This will make it easier to complete the papers required to make things right. All product counts will also be confirmed.

       2. Practical Services for Picking, Packing, and Repackaging

Products frequently need to be picked from their original packaging before any packing or repacking services can be performed. As part of their training and experience, third-party warehousing teams can perform all three services more effectively than your staff members.

        3. Low-Cost Workforce

Hiring labor from a third-party company for product packaging and repacking services is more cost-effective than paying benefits and wages to your staff. You can enhance other aspects of your business that need improvement with savings.

       4. Precise Inventory Management and Tracking

You will receive remarkably accurate inventory monitoring and tracking by working with a third-party warehousing business for your product repacking and packing needs. You may learn which of your products sell rapidly or slowly and your current stock levels using computerized reports.

       5. Does Not Require Investing in a Larger Facility

Another benefit of outsourcing your packing and repacking demands is that your business won’t need a more extensive warehouse. Moving is a pain for any business but moving a complete stock of goods can cause operations to be suspended, reducing profitability.

Why Choose Freshone as Your Picking, Packing, And Repacking Provider?

By selecting FreshOne as your picking, packing, and repacking service provider, you are partnering with a premier business that provides turnkey solutions for refrigerated, frozen, and short shelf-life products. Managing your company’s special needs of temperature requirements, sorting, picking or repacking, fulfilling orders for delivery of data is what FreshOne does with excellence.

Get in touch with us today for a competitive assessment of your warehouse and distribution handling and to discuss your pick-and-pack requirements.