With swarehouse space minutes from Houston’s port, we provide temperature-controlled storage and distribution services for importing, exporting, and delivering products in Texas.

Warehouse Services

  • Ambient Storage

    Our Houston warehouse provides 140,000 sq ft of ambient storage space. With strict climate control and inventory monitoring, we safely store products at room temperature.
  • Cooler Storage

    We offer ample refrigerated warehouse space in Houston for products requiring cooled conditions between 36-55 °F. The temperature is continuously monitored, ensuring safety in the cold chain.
  • Freezer Storage

    With large freezer capacity, we store frozen goods at temps of -10 °F or below. Advanced alarm systems ensure freezing integrity.

Distribution Services

Why We Love Houston

With proximity to the port, Houston provides connectivity to global import and export markets. It’s a major distribution hub.  

Need temperature controlled logistics for your Houston business?

Areas We Serve


With prime access to major highways, our Dallas facility provides efficient distribution and storage solutions for companies that are based in or are doing business in Texas.


Centrally located in Tampa, our distribution center is positioned to serve companies across Central and Southwest Florida and surrounding states. Quick access to the Tampa ports and airports.


Strategically located, our facility offers easy access to manufacturing, importing and exporting companies from Michigan, Canada and surrounding states.


Our Houston facility is close to the port, features ambient, cooler, and freezer space to store and distribute products for our customers ensuring quality service at every touch. 

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