Our refrigerated and frozen trucks support food safety in the cold chain delivery process. Our consistent routes and dedicated direct-to-store delivery ensure that our customers get their products to the right place, at the right temperature, at the right time, and at the right price!

Modern, Company-Operated Fleet

We utilize a modern, operated fleet with professional employee drivers for reliable product transportation. Our drivers are brand ambassadors dedicated to on-time deliveries.

Temperature Monitoring

Throughout transit, we monitor temperature sensors in real-time and receive alerts if thresholds are exceeded to maintain integrity.

On-Time Delivery

With real-time tracking, efficient routing and experienced drivers, we consistently achieve on-time deliveries across our service network.

Proof of Delivery

We provide timestamped photographic proof of deliveries and digital POD access through our customer portal for transparency.


With facilities in strategic locations and technology to optimize routes, we quickly transport products between major markets.


We implement cutting-edge logistics technology for enhanced delivery operations.

Samsara provides GPS tracking and fleet management to optimize routing and maintenance. 

Real time GPS fleet tracking & trip histories throughout our entire fleet.

Cargo temperature monitoring and recording with live temperature change alerts.

Real-time temperature data helps ensure cold chain integrity.

Proof of delivery forms with centralized record keeping.

Electronic hours of service and fuel efficiency reporting.

Integrated routing software with real time route tracking and historical performance analysis

FMCSA-listed ELD with centralized real-time visibility

Current on-time at >98% YTD

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