Benefits of Having an Ambient, Chilled, and Frozen Warehousing Services

Temperature-sensitive products, such as but not limited to fruits and vegetables, meats, and beverages, require a temperature-controlled environment like Ambient, Chilled, and Frozen Warehousing. Here are the things you need to know to keep your products in top condition!

Temperature-Controlled Warehouse Defined

Temperature-controlled warehouses are distribution facilities that store goods that must be housed at a required temperature to preserve and protect their quality.

These warehouses comprise storage solutions, handling machinery, and other operational features such as pallet conveyor systems and cleanrooms. They are all designed to avoid disrupting the cold chain, meet safety standards, and maintain the quality of the products housed.

What are the benefits of having an ambient, chilled, and frozen warehousing service provider?

1. Reduces the rate of deterioration of perishable products

Perishable goods are among the most commonly transported items worldwide. They are constantly distributed to distributors such as grocery stores and restaurants.

One of the most significant advantages of adopting ambient, chilled, and frozen warehousing service is that having the right temperature for your goods slows the rate of chemical reactions in perishable goods.

2. Reduces the possibility of food poisoning

One of the most significant problems when dealing with perishable goods is the potential for food poisoning. Food poisoning is frequently caused by growing bacteria. When germs are improperly preserved, they can grow to dangerous levels and become toxic for ingestion.

When commodities are stored in a cool environment, the danger of food poisoning is reduced. The cold storage warehouse should ideally be kept at a temperature of -15°C or lower to avoid chemical changes such as the growth of bacteria, molds, yeast, and others.

3. Cost-effective

When perishable items spoil due to improper storage, a considerable amount of money is lost. An ambient, chilled, and frozen warehousing service provider can save companies money by preventing spoiling products. This is due to the fact that perishable foods kept at room temperature can spoil quickly.

A well-equipped cold warehouse will cost less than many refrigerators and freezers.

 4. Provides More Space

Hiring ambient, chilled, and frozen warehousing service providers might be beneficial for a growing firm. A larger company also entails catering to a larger consumer base, which may necessitate the shipment of more products. Finally, you will have more room and a warehouse workforce to keep your items in temperature-controlled settings.

5. Makes Logistic Processes Easier

Choosing a logistics provider that offers ambient, chilled, and frozen warehousing can help companies that need to handle temperature-sensitive products. There are logistics organizations that offer to not only store perishable goods but also transfer them to distributors or clients. These specialists can also recommend the finest routes to ensure that your items arrive on time and that your entire operations run well.

How can FreshOne Warehouse Services help you?

Considering that perishable and temperature-sensitive products are among the most prevalent types of items delivered on a daily basis, it is essential to be aware of the benefits of cold storage warehousing.

FreshOne is a premium cold storage warehouse that provides real-time data on the location and temperature of your product, as well as delivery details. We are a one-of-a-kind partner because we know food, and we can assist our clients in managing their fresh products all through the full cold chain process while focusing on food safety, such as temperature restrictions, sorting, picking or repacking, order fulfillment for delivery, and data transparency.

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