FreshOne’s Newly Opened Houston Fulfillment Facility


FreshOne has announced the opening of its new fulfillment facility in Houston, Texas. This new fulfillment facility will still offer temperature-controlled distribution and warehouse services that our customers have trusted since 2006.

This opening of another temperature-controlled fulfillment facility is a response done by FreshOne to match the growing demand for cold storage as the population grows and demographic changes. Recent migration trends, for example, have increased food and beverage demand in states such as Florida, Arizona, and Texas, necessitating extra cold storage capacity to preserve and deliver perishable commodities.

According to data source IRI, refrigerated and frozen foods captured 9% and 13% of e-commerce grocery sales in October 2021, up from 4% in early 2020. As of October 2021, online purchases of chilled and frozen foods increased by 58% yearly.

FreshOne will continue to integrate cold storage into the supply chain network and provide the optimal platform to respond to the ever-changing consumer behavior by investing in new, energy-efficient cold storage facilities at strategic locations.

Our completely transparent logistics, warehousing, and predictive ordering system distinguish us in a sector where clients want to ensure their goods arrive at the right place, time, temperature, and price.

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