How to Choose a Quality Distribution Service for your Business

How to Choose a Quality Distribution Service for Your Business

It’s one thing to have an excellent product, but quite another to see it on the market and available to your customers. You can be sure that all the time you put into perfecting your product or service was beneficial by having a high-quality distribution service.

Having the right distribution partner can radically change your company, enabling you to boost revenue, enhance operating efficiency, and open up new channels.

Here are a few qualities you should look for in your prospective distribution partner to assist you in launching your company toward success.

  1. Fulfillment Reach

Your ideal distributor should be capable of delivering promptly and affordably for your business across different states and has a vast network of fulfillment facilities where orders may be processed, packed, picked, and made ready for distribution.

  1. Food Safety Standards

Your ideal distributor should be able to provide hygienic food handling procedures for their trucks, carriers, storage spaces, and warehouses. This will ensure that your customers are receiving quality fresh products.

  1. Fleet Tracking

Your ideal distributor should be able to provide you with real-time information on the following:

  • GPS fleet tracking & trip histories throughout the entire fleet
  • Cargo temperature monitoring and recording with live temperature change alerts
  • Proof of delivery forms with centralized record keeping
  • Electronic hours of service and fuel efficiency reporting
  • Integrated routing software with real-time route tracking and historical performance analysis
  • FMCSA-listed ELD with centralized real-time visibility
  1. Cold Chain Management

Your ideal distributor should be knowledgeable about the cold chain.

The cold chain ensures that perishable goods are kept at a consistent, high-quality temperature from the production site through the supply chain and to your customer.

  1. Accurate Deliveries

Accuracy is crucial if you want to build a client of loyal customers.

Because of this, your ideal distributor should utilize cutting-edge technology to guarantee precise, effective, and on-time delivery.

Let FreshOne Do The Job For You

As a tech-enabled 3PL, FreshOne is much more than your typical distribution service. We enjoy being a unique business that offers more than just services.

With an extensive network of fulfillment centers spread across destinations like Dallas, Texas, Tampa, Florida, Houston, Texas, and Detroit, Michigan, we, as your distribution partner, will help you more effectively get your products where they need to be.

Not only that, but FreshOne also ensures that your customers get only the best with the help of our years of experience, expertise, and technology in providing fresh, convenient, innovative, and healthy food products to multi-location retailers.

We stand out in a market where clients want to be confident that their product arrives at the right time, at the right place, at the right temperature, and at the right price.

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