Kitting Services: Definition and Benefits


Kitting Services: Definition and Benefits

One of the most often utilized in eCommerce fulfillment is kitting services. Kitting is a strategy manufacturers, retailers, and online subscription services use to boost profits and cut costs.

Here is what kitting is and why so many companies use it.

Kitting Defined

Kitting is a shipping and warehouse strategy that has become popular with the development of online retailers. Product kitting is particularly well-liked by companies like major retail chains and B2B online marketplaces.

Businesses use kitting and assembly services to speed up order fulfillment and product delivery. To create a “kit,” individual components must be put in a specified sequence and configuration when packaging and shipping. This procedure is known as “kitting.”

Kitting Example and Benefits

For instance, a company could send the fulfillment center different components that can be assembled together before sending the final product to the customer.

The fulfillment center would pull all the components together to make the kits saving the company time and labor because the fulfillment center can be more efficient.

Some of the primary advantages of utilizing the kitting services of a fulfillment center are as follows:

  • Accelerated Order Fulfillment
  • Promote Packaged Deals More
  • Moving Dead Stock Or Low-Selling Stock Is Simpler
  • Reduced Labor And Warehousing Overhead Expenses
  • Higher Margins Of Profit
  • Availability Of Affordable Labor Management
  • Options For Flexible Packages
  • Custom, Sustainable, And Enjoyable Unpacking Experiences
  • Decreased Cycle Times
  • Responsiveness To Changing Client Demands Or Expectations
  • Having Access To Larger-Scale Savings On Packaging Materials

If kitting is handled internally at your company, it can be labor-intensive and take time, energy, and space.  Let FreshOne take that off your hands.

FreshOne provides kitting services to help our clients package and ship their products. We are in charge of keeping things in storage, removing them from shelves, packing them, updating inventory, and shipping them.

Contact us or visit our website to learn more how we can help you with your kitting needs.