Welcome Simon Watson, Director of Human Resources

Please help FreshOne Holdings, LLC, welcome Simon Watson to the new role of Director of Human Resources. With double-digit growth in our workforce, we desire to hire and retain the best people. Simon’s career spans many industries including catering, telecom, airlines, medical, and retail with process management in companies ranging from 20 to 100,000 employees. His broad experience and a passion for applying his analytical and organizational skills to building a highly motivated workforce will assure our company will obtain the quality of people for our team and provide for even greater growth in 2020.

Simon and Don Janacek, our founder and CEO, worked together before the beginning of FreshOne and it was through their continued relationship that we were able to recruit Simon to oversee the growth and retention of our workforce. We are excited to have him on our team and look forward to realizing the potential spoken of him in this quote from a former coworker,

“Simon has a serious capacity to get things done. He was a great teammate in solving problems and creating solutions that led to growing the organization. He had a velocity to his smarts that kept things progressing in the right direction. Besides all of that, he was good fun to work with.”

You can send him a greeting through LinkedIn or email him directly at and congratulate him on his new position.