Why Choose a Dallas Warehouse?

Are you looking for a Dallas warehouse or distribution center but wondering where it should be located in the country? Big or small businesses often ask: “Which warehouse location should I house my products?”

There are various aspects to consider when selecting the best third-party warehousing, but location is the most crucial factor.

Dallas is one suitable location for warehousing.

But why have so many businesses turned to Dallas when choosing a warehouse location? Below, we discuss why Dallas has become such a widespread distribution hub so that you have all the information you need while deciding which site to choose for your product warehousing.

Why Consider Warehousing in Dallas?

Your warehouse location significantly impacts expenses, delivery times, and transportation costs. That is why warehousing in Dallas is the optimal choice for your needs due to its location, accessibility, and labor force.

The city has become a famous corporate headquarters and logistics market, offering regional or national product distribution advantages.

1. Customer Base

Dallas–Fort Worth (DFW) is the fourth-largest city in the United States. It serves roughly 7.2 million local customers and 28 million total consumers throughout the state.  Furthermore, the DFW metroplex adds about 400 new citizens daily, making it the country’s fifth-fastest-growing economy.

2. Geographical Location

Dallas’ central location allows ground carriers to reach 93% of the US in two days or less and air carriers to reach major US cities within four hours. With warehousing capabilities, 79 major markets can be reached overnight, and over 600 motor carriers operate in the DFW Metro area, making it a popular distribution hub for cost-conscious shippers.

3. Access

When choosing a warehousing location, consider the mode of transportation your goods use. Dallas offers proximity to major linkages, regional airports, DFW airport, Houston seaport, and freeway access. This combination allows easy transloading across different modes, reducing costs and transportation time and warehouse costs.

4. Labor Force Availability

The workforce in some cities creates a bottleneck in the movement of products.  An excellent warehouse location will be in an area with a large labor force.

Dallas has a large labor force that can support offloading, transloading, fulfillment, haulage, and other needs.  Your chosen Dallas warehouse location can also accommodate several shifts due to its strong workforce.

A strong labor force is essential for both on-time service and future expansion.  A lack of available worker capability should not hamper growth.

5. Foreign Trade Zone

As one of Texas’ 32 foreign trade zones (FTZs), various Dallas-Fort Worth distribution centers can assemble, manufacture, process, or package corporate goods without the interference of U.S. customs authorities.

The DFW area is appealing to many businesses with cross-border operations due to the tax exemption from business and property for foods purchased in Texas. The freeport tax exemption, also known as the “goods in transit” exemption, permits tangible business inventory to be exempt from taxes if purchased in Texas or imported outside.

FreshOne For Your Dallas Warehousing

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