FreshOne Drivers Steer Clear of the Storm

Weather can strike at any time. We have processes in place to protect our Drivers and Customers Products.

Communication is more important than ever when weather takes a turn for the worse. April showers could bring May flowers, but April showers in Distribution can equate to dangers on the road. Our team takes many precautionary steps to ensuring our Drivers are safe on the road.

Here are some processes we have in place to ensuring our staff and our customers products are protected in the event of severe weather:

  • Wind Guidelines: Our driver and truck will be grounded if winds are 40mph or more.
  • Ice Threats: When temperatures are less than 32 degrees Fahrenheit and precipitation is forecasted or present, drivers and customers will be notified for a possible change in delivery windows or routes.
  • Winter Advisory Warnings: A threat of high winds, lack of visibility due to sleet or snow (falling or blowing), snow levels that impact roadways or traffic, our drivers and customers will be notified as to a safety plan and delivery windows.
  • Severe Storms/Tornado Threats: Trucks will be grounded in the affected areas. Routes and Drivers will continue operations when the weather is clear.

Our team will communicate to Drivers and Customers if anything will need to change due to weather. We have a team in constant communication with Drivers called the Distribution Support Center (DSC). The DSC relays messages, supports dispatching and follows the trucks remotely to ensure every vehicle and Driver is operating smoothly.

If a service area was greatly impacted by a storm, additional communication and plan may be constructed to ensure current and long-term success throughout the difficult time.

Our employees are our greatest asset. Our Drivers are the link between the storing of products and delivery to customers. They are Brand Ambassadors for FreshOne.