Warehouse Temperature Monitoring: Why is it important?

To guarantee the security of temperature-sensitive products like fresh foods, produce, and frozen products, it is necessary to consistently monitor your cold storage facility’s temperature. Most warehouse companies overlook the value of temperature monitoring, which predictably causes damage to goods and products housed inside the warehouse due to high humidity, extreme temperatures, or water leaks.

What Damage Could Improper Temperature and Humidity Cause?

Improper temperatures or humidity levels in the warehouse can affect the storage room and the goods kept inside. Condensation and mold growth are two effects of insufficient temperature monitoring in warehouses. Not only can products and cartons develop mold, but so can shelves and walls. Condensation can also harm the facility.

Temperature Monitoring

Most food logistics operations include specific temperature ranges at which products must be stored. A temperature-monitored warehouse uses cooling (and/or heating) devices to maintain the temperature within a predetermined range. These units are carefully positioned throughout the area to keep the region within range.

Certain foods and beverages must be kept at specified temperatures, especially perishable goods, since the growth rate of potentially hazardous bacteria dramatically slows below those temperatures. The recommended storage temperature will depend on the type of food or beverage product:

  • Frozen food must be stored at a minimum of 0° to -10° F
  • Refrigerated chilled food must be kept between 34° to 40° F

Choosing the Ideal Food Distribution and Warehouse Services Provider

At FreshOne, we guarantee our partners that we know food and can help manage their fresh products throughout the cold chain process with a focus on food safety.

Through temperature monitoring, we monitor environmental conditions and ensure that the food and beverages stored in our warehouse are safe and sound at all times. You are always up to date and in the safest hands possible as we deliver real-time information about your product’s location and temperature as well as delivery information.

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