5 Reasons Businesses Outsource Their Kitting Services

Did you know that several 3PL companies now offer kitting services? Kitting services are a fulfillment process involving bundling products and creating custom boxes or kits.

Most businesses choose to outsource kitting services due to the benefits it can provide. If you handle your kitting and assembly services in-house and are considering outsourcing them, explore the following advantages.

Reduced Overhead Costs

Kitting and assembly operations can be costly due to direct expenses and overhead costs like IT management systems, staff, storage, and equipment. Hiring a 3PL company can save on these costs by leveraging their expertise and infrastructure. Outsourcing kitting and assembly can be more cost-effective than managing it in-house.

Concentrate on the Bigger Picture

The kitting process takes time. Outsourcing kitting and fulfillment services will allow you to focus on building your business—for instance, more excellent product development, marketing, and sales. There are always more essential things to deal with as a business owner than packing your boxes. Nobody understands the amount of labor that goes into running a successful business more than you. Outsourcing your kitting services boosts your company’s bandwidth for a more effective process.

No Need to Hire In-House or Temporary Workers

Temporary employees can be expensive, unreliable, and untrained, leading to packaging inaccuracies and additional costs, while your in-house staff has more important tasks, especially for new or developing firms. Outsourcing kitting to an order fulfillment center can help you save time and money, as these companies use state-of-the-art equipment and technology, allowing your team to focus on business-specific duties.

Provides Scalability and Flexibility

During seasonal periods, businesses need a team to handle product flows and ensure quality. Kitting warehouses are trained to handle these tasks, providing peace of mind during busy seasons allowing you to focus on other operations, while the team ensures the process is executed efficiently and accurately.

Reduces Shipping Mistakes

An increase in shipping mistakes indicates ineffective kitting and assembly operations. Businesses often need help to handle increased demand, leading to inaccuracies. A 3PL order fulfillment company offers skilled staff, real-time order tracking tools, and streamlined processes for efficient fulfillment.


Kitting and assembly are critical steps in the order fulfillment process. You’ll be better positioned to manage these operations in-house or outsource them to a service provider if you understand the problems and opportunities, they offer your e-commerce business.

What kinds of products are you considering kitting? Contact us today and let us know your thoughts.

Kitting Services: Definition and Benefits

One of the most often utilized in eCommerce fulfillment is kitting services. Kitting is a strategy manufacturers, retailers, and online subscription services use to boost profits and cut costs.

Here is what kitting is and why so many companies use it.

Kitting Defined

Kitting is a shipping and warehouse strategy that has become popular with the development of online retailers. Product kitting is particularly well-liked by companies like major retail chains and B2B online marketplaces.

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Businesses use kitting and assembly services to speed up order fulfillment and product delivery. To create a “kit,” individual components must be put in a specified sequence and configuration when packaging and shipping. This procedure is known as “kitting.”

Kitting Example and Benefits

For instance, a company could send the fulfillment center different components that can be assembled together before sending the final product to the customer.

The fulfillment center would pull all the components together to make the kits saving the company time and labor because the fulfillment center can be more efficient.

Some of the primary advantages of utilizing the kitting services of a fulfillment center are as follows:

  • Accelerated Order Fulfillment
  • Promote Packaged Deals More
  • Moving Dead Stock Or Low-Selling Stock Is Simpler
  • Reduced Labor And Warehousing Overhead Expenses
  • Higher Margins Of Profit
  • Availability Of Affordable Labor Management
  • Options For Flexible Packages
  • Custom, Sustainable, And Enjoyable Unpacking Experiences
  • Decreased Cycle Times
  • Responsiveness To Changing Client Demands Or Expectations
  • Having Access To Larger-Scale Savings On Packaging Materials

If kitting is handled internally at your company, it can be labor-intensive and take time, energy, and space.  Let FreshOne take that off your hands.

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